Q & A

What are the steps to achieving Certification as a Green Business?

An Environmental Analyst will work collaboratively with you to ensure that your business meets or surpasses the following a number of environmental standards:

  1. Comply with all environmental regulations applicable to your business.
  2. Implement a variety of measures to save energy, water and other materials, as well as reducing waste.
  3. Allow site visits to verify that your business meets the above two steps.
  4. Pledge to continue these terrific efforts to prevent pollution and conserve resources, including environmental compliance.

Why should my business become Green Business Certified?

  • Saving energy, water and raw materials saves your business money. Sending less trash to the landfill saves money as well.
  • Developing a positive, proactive relationship with local compliance inspectors can help avoid liability, fines and other sanctions.
  • The program promotes Green Businesses to the public and other businesses.
  • Your company’s community image is enhanced through Green Business certification.
  • Your employees will enjoy a safer workplace and will have one more reason to take pride in working for you.

Do I get credit for the good things I’m already doing?

Yes! In fact, your company may already qualify. These standards are designed to fit most businesses, but if certain measures are not applicable or feasible for your facility and/or your operations, you may request an exemption or demonstrate alternative measures.

Do I have to do everything on the checklist to become a
Certified Green Business?

No, there are many ways to qualify. You must meet the minimum standards in each category.

Is there a fee to be certified as a Green Business?

Yes, there is a cost to become certified, but the cost is minor when compared to the environmental benefit and the marketing advantage enjoyed by those companies who are Green Business Certified.

What other benefits come from becoming a Certified
Green Business?

A competitive advantage and marketing platform is established. IGBC has a developed marketing program, which can aid in getting needed publicity and deserved recognition from becoming Green Business Certified.