History of Institute for Green Business Certification

In 2006, a small group of environmentally concerned business people in the U.S. met to develop a set of national standards for which a business could achieve an accreditation as a “Green Business”. At that time, there were no uniform standards to evaluate the environmental practices of a business, nor was there an established accreditation process. The Institute for Green Business Certification Inc. (IGBC) was created as a result.

The group immediately sought the counsel of an OSHA trained inspector, an EPA trained inspector, and a person who later became a LEED AP as they met and discussed what it might entail to be designated as a “Green Business”. Following months of discussion and extensive research, standards and criteria were developed and a checklist was created, later becoming the basis of the IGBC environmental audit.

In early 2012, the Canadian representatives joined forces to develop a partnership with the Institute for Green Business Certification. By taking on the Canadian division of IGBC, they have developed standards and criteria more specifically suited for businesses and organizations in the Canadian marketplace.

IGBC enables businesses to achieve “Green Business Certification” by working collaboratively. One of the first accrediting organizations of its kind, IGBC is at the forefront of certifying businesses on a worldwide scale; in the United States and with branches in Canada and the Middle East.

Our Process

The IGBC certification process is simple and straightforward. Our Analyst will work quickly and diligently to accommodate your company’s schedule, timeframe and specific needs:

  1. The Environmental Analyst will telephone and introduce him/herself to the business owner, answering any and all questions. With some basic information, the Analyst will quote a price for certification at that time
  2. The Environmental Analyst will e-mail an agreement to the client along with other materials for client evaluation
  3. Once the agreement has been reviewed, signed and returned to IGBC, an invoice for the cost of the certification process will be provided
  4. Following payment, IGBC will work with your business to determine a timeline for the certification, provide you with the green transition guide and the specific criteria that you will be audited on
  5. On the dates previously agreed upon, IGBC will conduct an initial telephone audit, followed by an onsite inspection
  6. Upon conclusion of the audit process, the IGBC Environmental Analyst will make a recommendation to the Institute upon which it will base the accreditation decision
  7. Once the decision is passed, IGBC Canada will distribute press releases to local and regional media outlets regarding your company’s certification, provide a green business awareness session to employees, supply your business with the certification pack, and add the company to the Canadian Green Business directory