About IGBC

The Institute for Green Business Certification began as a U.S. based accrediting body established in 2006. It is considered the world’s first institution to develop a certification program that verifies and accredits businesses in sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. Its reputation quickly grew and extended internationally with branches in Canada and the Middle East, with a mission of promoting green business practices in both established as well as developing markets.

Through certification of green businesses, IGBC provides companies wishing to capitalize on the growing public interest in green practices, with a way of promoting their own green efforts and demonstrating their concern for the well-being of our planet.

Canadian Division Director:

Philippa Settels resides in the Montreal (Quebec) area and is the founder of Green Leaf Consulting. Living a healthy, green life has been her passion for over two decades. Her aim is to share healthy resources by offering private consulting services, group workshops and corporate Lunch & Learn presentations on various aspects of green living and environmental sustainability.


IGBC’s mission is to promote and increase public awareness in environmentally sound business practices by recognizing those companies who are leading the way with “green” business models and setting the example for a greener Canadian community.


IGBC’s vision is to become the universal standard for green business certification.


Credibility – IGBC honors and holds itself and all others to a high set of standards for certification.

Fairness – IGBC will give all their clients an equal opportunity to become green business certified.

Commitment – IGBC will stay true to our mission for a greener Canada in all of our operations.