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The Institute for Green Business Certification began as a U.S. based accrediting body established in 2006. It is considered the world’s first institution to develop a certification program that verifies and accredits businesses in sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. Its reputation quickly grew and extended internationally with branches in Canada and the Middle East, with a mission of promoting green business practices in both established as well as developing markets.

Through certification of green businesses, IGBC provides companies wishing to capitalize on the growing public interest in green practices, with a way of promoting their own green efforts and demonstrating their concern for the well-being of our planet.


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Canadian Division Director

Philippa Settels resides in the Montreal (Quebec) area and is the founder of Green Leaf Consulting. Living a healthy, green life has been her passion for over two decades.


IGBC’s mission is to promote and increase public awareness in environmentally sound business practices by recognizing those companies who are leading the way with “green” business models and setting the example for a greener Canadian community.


Credibility – IGBC honors and holds itself and all others to a high set of standards for certification. Fairness – IGBC will give all their clients an equal opportunity to become green business certified. Commitment – IGBC will stay true to our mission for a greener Canada in all of our operations.


Through certification of green businesses, IGBC provides companies wishing to capitalize on the growing public interest in green practices, with a way of promoting their own green efforts and demonstrating their concern for the well-being of our planet.


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5 Questions to ask your Windows and Doors Company in Burlington

So lately, have you been thinking to purchase new doors and windows for your newly-constructed house, but couldn’t decide what questions to ask from the dealer? Well, here we have got the solution. Buying new doors and windows can be pretty expensive. Also after purchasing, you would have to be 100% confident on the individuals sent by the company for fixing the doors and windows. You would also have to be super-confident on them whether they could really carry out the drastic physical changes with perfection. Not to mention, the whole work process can be a lot of time-consuming. Therefore, we have mentioned down some questions which you must ask your windows and doors company in Burlington before you make your purchase. They are:

Windows and Doors Company in Burlington

  • You should be aware of the Company’s full name and its address:

Determining this can help you understand the experience level of the Company’s employees and the type of work, the company claims to do. In order to ensure quicker response time and better service, you can also hire a contractor for the same. Therefore next time, whenever you go searching for the best doors and windows, you must ask the details about the Company including their name and address.

  • Get assured whether the company carries insurance or not:

This point is indeed important. Always ensure that the hired company has its worker’s compensation insurance and comprehensive liability insurance done. This will protect you during accidental situations. Also, try to get the insurance verified by asking for the insurance certificates. It is very obvious that an uninsured contractor is very inexpensive to hire. This is mainly because they are not in need of paying off large insurance premiums. But, remember to go for those who promise to protect you by paying a few more bucks. The insurance also ensures that the company is responsible for recovering any kind of damage that might have caused during the process.

  • Look for the specialization of the Company:

While searching for companies, you will get a lot of choices to choose from. Therefore, you have to be very specific about what you really want. Only after going through their field of expertise, you should be following them up. Also, verify their field of specialization. Before choosing them, you must be 100% confident on the type of work they do so that after the installation, you get to see what you have desired for.

  • Insist the company provide references from their previous works:

This can include photos of their completed work. This will clearly show how much they are capable of doing their job. Ask for the latest photographs. Also, you can go for verifying their authenticity by contacting their previous customers. Ask them about the work that had been delivered to them, whether it was high in quality or not. Only by verifying these points, go for approving the company for doing your work.

Windows and Doors Company in Burlington

These points will certainly help you out. In fact, after this, you’ll have a clearer idea of whether the windows and doors company in Burlington can work under your budget or not.

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When should you call a Garage Door Installation Company In Orlean

If you are someone from Orlean looking for the best garage door installation company in Orlean, then you are at the right place. Before we get into details about this, let us first understand when it is the best time to change your garage door installation.

garage door installation company in orlean

Here’s when you should start thinking about a garage door installation.

  1. Malfunction: The first obvious signs you need to look out for is a malfunction. Your garage door may start working all of a sudden or may not work at all. This is common to all electrical appliances alike. Any electrical appliance that hasn’t been maintained for long will start malfunctioning and a garage door is not an exception to this rule. If you have been maintaining your garage door well for long, this may not be an issue. However, if you haven’t been maintaining it regularly, it’s about time you start.
  1. Garage Door Making Loud Noises: If your garage door is completely operational and yet makes loud unusual noises while opening and closing, it’s about time you thought about fixing your changing your garage installation. Start by trying to see whether the basic parts like the joints are defective or not. Seek a professional’s help if you can’t find the problem by yourself.
  1. Security Matters: If your security system is not co-ordinating with your garage door installation, then it is a big problem and one of the biggest clues why you should think about changing your garage installation. The sole purpose of your garage installation is to provide security to your belongings and when your garage installation fails to do that, it is an emergency situation that needs to be fixed immediately. One of the major reasons for theft and burglary is ineffective garage doors with bad security systems. Whether you keep your valuables in your garage or not, always make sure that your security system and garage door function properly.
  1. You Don’t Have One And Would Love To Own One: Considering the fact that we are true amidst a lot of creativity right now, many designers have come up with wonderful varieties of garage installations that will add a lot of life to an otherwise boring backyard. Not only is this, thanks to technology, garage installations getting more and more innovative by the day. Many amazing features and greater security are why more and more people are opting for garage installations.

garage door installation company in orlean

Garage door installations are usually heavy-duty and are best if installed with the help of a professional. However, if you are adamant to install it by yourself, then make sure you use the correct tools and equipment and take the necessary safety instructions.

Finding a garage door installation company in Orlean may be overwhelming considering the number of companies that are present in the market. However, make sure you do your research before you decide on the best garage door installation company in Orlean. The research process may be long and tiresome but at the end of the day, it’ll be worth it.


What to look for while doing Bathroom Renovation

In today’s era of fast technology and door-to-door service, where you don’t have to step out of the house and everything is available on the tip of your finger which searches to modify every aspect of your life. You are also motivated to be up to date with modern fashions and happenings. So, when you decide to update your bathrooms, you should always keep certain things in mind which will prevent you from making mistakes while renovating your bathroom. Bathroom remodeling can be a tiresome and tedious task, people are confused and agitated on where to begin.

toronto Bathroom Renovations contractors

There are various online bathroom renovating contractors present who are certified and guarantee good work. Toronto Bathroom Renovations contractors have the experience of working in the field for over ten years, this will give you certain kind of assurance that their work will be acute, provided the experience.


It’s very important to decide on a budget for the remodeling of your bathroom and it requires a lot of planning in order to allocate your funds in the renovation of your bathroom. The Toronto Bathroom Renovations contractors help you guide financially as well, they can come up with an estimate about your bathroom and help you decide the further steps.

Choosing the right Contractor

The contractors who take the responsibility or provide the service of remodeling are professionals and are profusely trained in whatever they do so that we don’t take their jobs in our hands. This actually sheds light upon that we should stay away from the things or appliances which we don’t understand properly or can not make proper use of.

toronto Bathroom Renovations contractors

If we start doing the work ourselves, it could cause severe damage to the house too and we could also end up hurting ourselves. When a renovator or contractor is present to help remodel your bathroom, one should always provide them with every minute detail about their home so that the contractors are fully aware of the whole situation.

Schedule with the Contractor according to your convenience

When you decide to remodel your bathroom, you expect the job to be done as soon as possible since the bathroom is an important and very in need part of the house and also that the remodeling may disturb the normal pattern of your day and cause hindrance since the work was done is not quiet or silent. So, one should always schedule the time to remodel their bathrooms also to ask their contractors to provide them with an estimated time in which they would complete the job.

toronto Bathroom Renovations contractors

Choose the design for Bathroom Renovation

When one decides to get their bathroom renovated or remodeled, they wish to add more features that are efficient than the existing ones, but the idea of ‘design’ also comes into play. The contractors have plenty of design outlets for you to choose from, they also offer customization which allows you to design your very own bathroom with your very own ideas. One should be very sure about the design it chooses for the bathroom, as then they will have to guide the contractors and make sure it’s exactly the way they have planned it as.


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